Client Stories

We give people the knowledge and confidence they need to find their way forward - whoever they are, and whatever their problem.

Below are just some of the recent success stories we have produced for our clients.

Universal Credit Help to Claim (HTC) Client A

The client has recently lost their partner and is experiencing financial hardship. Client urgently needs an advance payment and has tried for over three weeks to reopen their UC claim as this is still within the 6 months period. The client is struggling to reopen their claim because of lack of the PSN number. The client has tried multiple times to resolve this issue by calling the DWP.


As client has no access to the internet as is sofa surfing, the advisers decided that a non-digital claim would be the best option. The client was supported with making a non-digital claim and in booking a phone appointment with the local job centre to verify their identity.


The client received an advance payment on the same day.



HTC Client B

Single parent, lost her job in the NHS due to a stroke who left her with some major speech problems. Limited leave to remain, with NRPF condition attached. This kind of leave allows people to work and live in the UK without having access to benefits. Client has no income and is at risk of being evicted as she.


The adviser decided that the best course of action was to challenge the NRPF condition and helped the client in making an application to the Home Office for that condition to be removed. The process took several days as the adviser had to gather all the evidence required by the Home Office. The application was successful and the client was booked an appointment with a HTC adviser to help them making a no digital claim for UC.


The adviser supported the client to liaise with the DWP, including booking an appointment to verify their identity. As a result the client has successfully applied for an advance payment. This has contributed to ease their immediate financial hardship. Further to this the client is now eligible to apply for a discretionary housing payment and a referral to adult social services has been made. This will help the client to access additional support in finding a suitable accommodation.​

HTC Client C

Client phoned the HTC line to enquire about her housing rights. As client had just recently lost their job, they were worried that they would be made homeless. Although HTC mainly advises on UC claims, the advisor provided the client with basic information about their rights as a tenant and the procedure that the landlord would have to follow in order to seek possession of the property. The client was then offered an appointment with a specialist advisor. This has contributed to shorten the client journey and to provide a gateway into the main advice service.


HTC Client D

Official error.Client was informed by DWP  that they had made an error by not including her 5 dependent children in the initial Universal Credit claim. Client stated this had affected the amount of advance payment she was able to apply for a month ago - approx. £300.


With the help of an advisers from the HTC team, client was able to include the 5 dependent children onto the UC claim to try and rectify the issue caused by DWP - UC. When the client called HTC again, they had not received their first payment. The adviser connected the client with the DWP and ensured that the claim was processed on the day as a matter of urgency.


The client received their payment on the day.

IAG Client A

A client attended CAH seeking assistance with debts of around £8000 that had built up over the last couple of years; these debts included rent arrears and council tax arrears.

Within these debts was also a Housing Benefit over payment which had incurred as a result of the clients housing benefit being stopped in 2019, with the decision backdated to 2017.

The client is single, has a child in her care and is in receipt of benefits, including DLA and Child Benefit.

Our adviser supported the client by putting together a financial statement to support her with making an affordable payment arrangement with the creditors, whom our adviser contacted on her behalf.  Our intervention led to court proceedings being avoided on the council tax and rent arrears.

We also collected information on the Housing Benefit overpayment and challenged the decision. The challenge was successful and the decision was overturned which led to a Housing Benefit payment of over £12,000 being credited to the clients rent account. 

She was awarded  a full Council Tax reduction and received a payment of over £4,000 towards her  Council Tax account, she was also placed in the vulnerable group for Council Tax.  

As a result of our advisers intervention the client was able to clear all debts and now be receiving the correct level of support.