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I was much in need of a confidence boost, the team at Citizens Advice have definitely given me that.

Over the last 18 months Citizens Advice Haringey has been looking at the ways we can improve our local community’s access to our services. Social Media and a brand new external communications strategy have been at the heart of much of that work.

A brand new team of volunteers have been managing our social media channels since March 2020. A vibrant combination of professional backgrounds ranging from the arts to retail, their varied skillsets and experiences have proven to be a successful mix.

The experiences of two of those volunteers are the focus in this edition of Inside CAH.

Hi I'm Nush.  I'm really excited to be part of the new Social Media team at Citizens Advice Haringey.  I've largely worked in media and marketing my whole life but this year I'm going to be a mature student, (Politics, Philosophy & Economics).  I'm very interested in social issues and would like to work in an area where I can influence social change and equality. 

After some health issues dogged my career and life in general for a time, I was much in need of a confidence boost, and the team at Citizens Advice have definitely given me that.

At Citizens Advice my main project has been to launch our LinkedIn platform, posting information and analysing results, but I also contribute to ideas across marketing as a whole. I feel l am at the forefront of so many important social issues working with Citizens Advice, which is an excellent experience leading up to doing my degree especially.  Citizens Advice is such a valuable community resource, it gives me great pride to be promoting its social policy campaigning and advice work in such challenging times, where more people need to access the service than ever before.

And I’m Hattie. I’m having a great time as part of the Social Media team. I’m currently on furlough from my job in project management at a theatre, which is a pretty tumultuous industry at present. It’s been incredibly refreshing to step into a new bubble and learn new skills, information about social policy and be a part of my local community.

I run our Facebook page, and have really enjoyed getting to grips with the publishing and insight tools, analysing the data each week and writing copy. It’s very satisfying to see the likes and follows go up, and I’ve become mildly obsessed with our reach in order to make sure the most vulnerable people in Haringey know that Citizens Advice are here to support them.

We are currently recruiting for a new member of our social media team, if you are interested please visit for more information.