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Inside CAH: How we have adapted the way we develop our volunteers

Nick Borsing, our Volunteer Co-ordinator has been talking about the way things have changed for him and his volunteers since we switched to a remote service delivery.

Over the last few months we were forced to switch to a remote working model, however this has also afforded us a fantastic opportunity to approach our work in a different way. Previously, our volunteers were interviewed, trained and deployed in face to face settings only, but we have now begun recruiting volunteers who can be trained and deliver advice remotely. Which is going a long way to supporting our objective of making our service more accessible to those living, working or studying in Haringey.

Since 23rd March 2020, the way we recruit volunteers has changed. By advertising specific roles available on our website and other media, this has meant that we can focus on what we need to be able to deliver a virtual service for our clients as well as enhance volunteer skills by assisting clients this way. After candidates are selected for interview, all interviews are done remotely via Zoom. Learning new ways of doing things has been a challenge as well as an opportunity. Before 23rd March I had never heard of Zoom, yet this week alone I have had 8 Zoom meetings-one meeting being a fun online quiz.

As well as the need to recruit volunteers to provide a remote advice service, the Face to Face training has been adapted to be given online via Zoom. Training sessions have been shortened and when we observe a trainee taking calls or observing experienced staff and other volunteers, all of this will be done remotely.

Given the above we have received a large number of applications online and we are still receiving them.

Remote is the way ahead.

You can find out more about the volunteering opportunities available at Citizens Advice Haringey by visiting