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Inside CAH: Interview with a Volunteer

Why did you apply to be a volunteer?

Due to the pandemic, I was working my part-time job remotely, yet I still had a lot of spare time on my hands. I came home from University temporarily (while finishing my degree online) and felt I needed a purpose, to contribute in some way whether this was online or in person. I searched for London volunteer positions, knowing I was moving there in the Autumn for my masters. Then, I came across this opportunity to volunteer remotely as a social media role for Citizens Advice Haringey. I was also interested in the social media role specifically because it was an area that I wanted to build experience and skills in. Being a volunteer allows for flexibility and freedom, something that a paid role may not offer. It also enables beginners or inexperienced people to come forward and contribute in a positive way. I do feel like I am contributing, even in a small way.

What does your role entail?

Monitoring and scheduling/posting tweets and posts for Twitter, LinkedIn and website; such as press release articles related to issues being faced across the UK. Writing up the weekly/monthly stats for the Twitter account. I also post blogs and press releases that are sent to me, then schedule them to be tweeted. I have also been having to learn to adapt text and writing styles to fit a ‘target audience’, in order to get a message across effectively. In addition, I attend fortnightly zoom meetings with the other social media volunteers to discuss the weekly social media schedule and plans.

What have you gained from your experience volunteering remotely so far?

I feel that I have gained confidence and knowledge with handling social media accounts aimed at a target audience. I am still learning about this from the other volunteers. I have also had the opportunity to learn more about how issues such as COVID 19 are affecting Haringey as a borough in North London. And then there is the feeling of community with the volunteer group; being a part of a small difference making a larger impact. I think you get this more in volunteering because you have all chosen to do this, rather than feeling you have to. This role would be appealing to anyone interested in media/communications, or someone who just wants to be part of a volunteering community making a difference.